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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

We teach Gracie jiu-jitsu at West Side--that's what we teach, and we're very proud of that fact.  We are part of Master Pedro Sauer's Association and we're dedicated to teaching technical Gracie jiu-jitsu.


The great goal of jiu-jitsu is to be technical--that's what we strive for.  We don't want to be barbarians, or meat heads, smashing our way to victory. We want to be civilized and technical and smart.  We want to use angles, leverage, and knowledge to submit our opponents.


To us jiu-jitsu is who we are.  It's a way to define ourselves, gentle people with a confident spirit.

Blue Belt Techniques

Purple Belt Techniques

Blue Belt Demonstration (Gracie Jiu-Jitsu demonstrated by Balance Studios)

This class is recommended for everyone; jiu-jitsu will only make your life better.


What You Will Learn: White Belt to Blue

1. Tie the Belt

2. Roll Forward

3. Roll Backward

4. Bridge (Upa)

5. Teeter Totter

6. Four-Points Base

7. Elbow Escape Movement (3 ways)

8. Stand up in Base

9. Two – Handed Choke Defense

10. Same Side Wrist Grap

11. Two – Handed Wrist Grab

12. One Hand Lapel Grab Defense # 1 Straight Arm

13. One Hand Lapel Grab Defense # 2 Bent Arm

14. One Hand Lapel Grab Defense # 3 Bent Wrist

15. Round House Punch Defense

16. Straight Punch Defense

17. Front Kick Defense

18. Low Kick Defense

19. High Kick Defense

20. T-Position Hip Throw

21. T-Position Leg Throw

22. T-Position Throw from Behind by Sitting Down

23. Maintain the Mount by Swimming Through Arms

24.. Maintain the Mount by Pulling Opponents Head

25. Maintain the Mount by Pushing Opponents Head

26. Upa with Choke Defense

27. Basic Elbow Escape

28. Basic Cross Choke

29. Basic Cross Choke from the Mount

30. Basic Armlock Movement

31. Basic Armlock with Partner

32. American Armlock from the Mount

33. Sit up Sweep from the Guard

34. Kimura from the Guard

35. Proper Posture in the Guard

36. Cross Choke from the Guard

37. Cross Choke Defense in the Guard – Squeeze the Bread

38. Cross Choke Defense in the Guard – Comb the Hair

39. Scissor Sweep to Mount

40. Armlock from the Guard

41. Triangle from the Guard

42. Guillotine Choke from the Guard

43. Guillotine Choke Defense

44. Standing Guillotine Choke

45. Standing Guillotine Choke Defense # 1 – Hands on Knee

46. Standing Guillotine Choke Defense # 2 – Buckle the Knee

47. Rear Bear Hug Defense – Arms Pinned

48. Basic Pass the Guard – Knee on the Floor

49. Squeeze the Bread (Choke)

50. Establish Cross Body Position

51. Maintain Cross Body Position

52. Regain the Guard from Cross Body (Elbow Escape)

53. Cross Body Defense – Turn on Knees

54. Basic Mount from Cross Body # 1 – Arm Out

55. Basic Mount from Cross Body # 2 – Arm In

56. American Armlock from Cross Body

57. Chicken Wing from Cross Body Kimura

58. Maintain Back Control with Hooks

59. Escape from Back Control – Back on the Floor

60. Choke with Collar from Back

61. Mata Leao (Rear Naked Choke)

62. Rear Choke Escape – Finger Point

63. Standing Headlock Defense – Lift Opponent

64. Overhead Club Defense – Close Distance

65. Standing Rear Naked Choke Defense – Flip Opponent

66. Standing Headlock Punch Defense

67. Front Bear Hug Defense – Arms Pinned

68. Cross Body Head Lock Defense – Opponents Head Low

69. Wrestler Head and Arm Defense – Hips Under Opponent

70. Front Bear Hug Defense – Arms Free

71. Neck Defense While Pinned to Wall with One Hand

72. Rear Bear Hug Defense When Opponent Lifts You Up

73. Standing Rear Naked Choke Defense

74. Cross Body Head Lock Defense – Make a Frame

75. Mounted Punch Attack – Bucking Defense

76. Two – Handed Lapel Grab Defense

77. Basic Hook Sweep from the Guard

78. Armbar Protection from the Guard

79. Choke Protection from the Guard

80. Cross Body Head Lock Defense – Go to Back

81. Cross Body Head Lock Defense – Go to Knees

82. Cross Body Neck Crank – Leg Over Torso

83. Close the Gap

84. Mount Defense – Move Away

85. Basic Armlock from Cross Body

86. Bajana – Double Leg Takedown

87. Pass the Guard by Standing Up

88. Standing Hair/Ear Guard Defense


What You Will Learn: Blue Belt to Purple Belt


1. Double Ankle Grab Sweep

2. Both Hands on Ankle Sweep to Armlock

3. Push Sweep From Scissors

4. Handstand Sweep

5. Arm Inside Sweep

6. Arm Inside Sweep to Armbar

7. Sweep from Seated Guard

8. Overhead Sweep

9. Leg Pinching Sweep

10. Scissor Sweep Standing from Guard

11. Hook Sweep from Guard

12. Kick over Sweep (Balloon)

13. Sweep from Guard (Spider Guard)

14. Star Sweep

15. Sweep from Guard (Holding the Knee)

16. Sweep from Guard (Stand in Base – Holding the Belt)

17. Sweep from Guard (Stand in Base – Holding the


18. Sweep from Guard (Hand on Knee)

19. Half Guard to Half Mount (Leg Straight)

20. Half Guard to Half Mount (Leg Bent)

21. Half Guard to Half Mount (Holding Belt)

22. Sweep to Mount and Choke

23. Shoulder Grab (Bent Arm)

24. Shoulder Grab (Straight Arm)

25. Lapel Grab With Both Hands

26. Defense Against Front Thrust Kick

27. Standing Guillotine Defense

28. Both Hands Grab from Behind

29. Standing Head Lock Defense (Taken to Ground)

30. Two Hands Against Wall Defense

31. Under Arm Collar Choke from Guard

32. Mount to Back

33. Achilles Ankle Lock (Passing Guard)

34. Omo Plata

35. Kimura from Cross Body

36. Choke from Cross Body

37. Cross Body to Knee on the Stomach

38. Escape Knee on Stomach (Going to Knees)

39. Armlock from Knee on Stomach

40. Triangle Choke to Armbar

41. Ankle lock When Passing Guard (Stacking)

42. Knee Bar from Guard

43. North South Foot Lock

44. Ankle Lock from Open Guard

45. Knife Stab Defense

46. Overhead Knife Stab Defense

47. Knee Bar from Cross Body

48. Neck Crank from Cross Body

49. Choke from Knee on Stomach

50. Straight Armlock from Cross Body (Both Knees Up)

51. Guard to Back

52. Foot Lock from Back Mount (Feet Crossed)

53. Helicopter Armbar

54. Half Guard to Cross Body

55. Escape from North South (Knees Under Armpits)

56. Pass Half Guard to Mount

57. Head & Arm Choke from Guard

58. Choke from Half Mount

59. Knee Bar from Passing Guard

60. Choke from Guard (Holding your Elbow)

61. Double Armlock

62. Arm Trapped Armlock (Hand on Lapel)

63. Squeeze the Bread (Both Hands)

64. Shoulder Lock from Guard

65. Escape Knee on Stomach by Making Hook

66. Escape Knee on Stomach (Using Knees)

67. Escape Knee on Stomach (Holding Belt)

68. Choke from Knee on Stomach (Crossing Hands)

69. Pass Guard & Defend Recompense

70. Counter to Kimura

71. Helio Gracie Choke from Mount

72. Escape from Mount (Two Hands on Belt)

73. Cross Body to Mount (Foot Between Legs)

74. Cross Body to Mount (Holding Your Foot)

75. Cross Body to Mount (Holding Opponent’s Legs)

76. Defense Against UPA (Locking Legs)

77. Mount by Pushing Opponent’s Legs

78. Lapel Choke (Mount Going to North South)

79. Defense Against Lapel Choke

80. Squeeze the Bread from Mount (Nutcracker)

81. Lapel Choke from Cross Body

82. Counter Elbow Escape

83. North South Escape to Choke

84. North South Escape (Foot in Belt)

85. North South to Back

86. North South Escape to Armlock

87. North South Position Fishing to Half Guard

88. Choke from Guard (Using Gi)